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Best Modern Kitchen Ideas - Complete with Animal Crossing Items


Animal Crossing New Horizons has enough kitchen design ideas, with the Modern Kitchen idea being the most popular.

After the ACNH 2.0 update, New Horizons brings free updates including new villagers, new furniture, new DIY recipes, and new crafting materials. While you can decorate a room or island from 9000+ ACNH Items, it can be a challenge. When you want a new enough kitchen design, you need to do enough data research or ask friends for help. Since kitchen supplies are in short supply and there are some rare DIY items to be found, it takes more Animal Crossing Items to craft a masterpiece. Here are 16 Modern Kitchen ideas that ACbellsbuy.com can offer you. If you place an order here, you can also enjoy 10% OFF.

Modern Kitchen -1

Modern Kitchen -1 image

This piece contains 23 ACNH Items: Double-Door Refrigerator(Black), Espresso Maker(Black), System Kitchen(Black), Magnetic Knife Rack(Stainless Steel), Bathroom Towel Rack(Silver), Yucca(Blue)*2, Gas Range(Black), Bonsai Shelf, Cityscape Wall, Hanging Terrarium(Black), Arabesque Flooring, Potted Ivy(Light Green), Yucca(Black)*2, Ironwood Chair(Birch)*2, Antique Table(Black), Kettle, Dish-Drying Rack(Black), Revolving Spice Rack(Brown), Infused-Water Dispenser, Dinnerware, Kitchen Island(Black).

Modern Kitchen - 2

Modern Kitchen - 2 image

This piece contains 28 ACNH Items: Pop-Up Toaster(Green), Microwave(White), Ironwood Kitchenette(Birch), Kettle, Beige Moroccan Wall, Green Rubber Flooring, Wooden Mini Table(Light Wood), Wooden-Block Table(Natural), Drying Rack(Silver), Ironwood Cupboard(Birch)*2, Rice Cooker(Brown), Ironing Set(White), Stand Mixer(Light Blue), Mixer(Bananas), Dish-Drying Rack(White), Revolving Spice Rack(Brown), Mom's Pen Stand(Simple House), Vintage TV Tray(Copper Natural Wood), Magnetic Knife Rack(Pop), Corkboard(Blue Apple), System Kitchen(Dark Wood), Pot Rack(Stainless Steel), Mug(Blue Fish), Diner Neon Clock(Red Red Lines), Refrigerator(Blue), Menu Chalkboard(Natural), Cream And Sugar(Brown).    

Modern Kitchen - 3

Modern Kitchen - 3 image

This piece contains 29 ACNH Items: Simple Pink Bath Mat, Black Botanical-Tile Wall, Birch Flooring, Cute Chair(White)*2, Water Cooler(Black), Table Setting(Pink Pink)*2, Monstera(White), Pot Rack(Wooden), Shell Table(Yellow), Traditional Tea Set(Floral), Mini-Cactus Set, Antique Console Table(Black), Wooden Mini Table(Black), Soup Kettle(Green Curry), Open-Frame Kitchen, Cutting Board(No Finish Blue), Rice Cooker(White), Kitchen Island(Silver), Stand Mixer(Pink), Dish-Drying Rack(Black), Ironwood Cupboard(Birch), Double-Door Refrigerator(Silver), Wall-Mounted Tool Board(White), Wall-Mounted Phone(White), Tree's Bounty Mobile(Brown), Magnetic Knife Rack(Wooden), Ventilation Fan(White).

Modern Kitchen - 4

Modern Kitchen - 4 image

This piece contains 25 ACNH Items: Ironwood Chair(Birch), Ironwood Kitchenette(Birch), Ironwood Low Table    (Birch), Ironwood Table(Birch), Ironwood Chair(Birch), Ironwood Dresser(Birch), Ironwood Cupboard(Birch), Shoji Screen, Brown Floral Flooring, Wood-Burning Stove, Brick Oven(Red), Microwave(White), Mini-Cactus Set, Mom's Homemade Cake(Carrot), Potted Ivy(Green), Broom And Dustpan(Natural), Simple Kettle(Green), Pot(Brown), Fishing-Boat Flag(Nintenmaru - Big Catch), Classic Pitcher(Unglazed), Frying Pan(Ratatouille), Cuckoo Clock(Yellow), Gas Range(Silver), Cacao Tree, Simple Medium Brown Mat.    

Modern Kitchen - 5

Modern Kitchen - 5 image

This piece contains 23 ACNH Items: Café-Curtain Wall, Ironwood Table(Old), Ironwood Chair(Old)*2, Ironwood Cupboard(Old), Ironwood Kitchenette(Old), Ironwood Low Table(Old), Ironwood Cart(Old), Fan Palm(White), Gas Range(Black), Dinnerware*2, Revolving Spice Rack(Silver), Dish-Drying Rack(Black), Fruit Basket, Frying Pan(Pasta), Knife Block(Natural), Pot Rack(Wooden), Double-Door Refrigerator(Black), Iron Wall Rack(Black), Cuckoo Clock(Green), Simple White Flooring, Blue Kilim-Style Carpet.

Modern Kitchen - 6

Modern Kitchen - 6 image

This piece contains 35 ACNH Items: Birch Flooring, Old Wallpaper, Lacy Rug, Floor Lamp(Natural White), Fireplace(Beige), Refrigerator(White Notices), Microwave(White), Log Extra-Long Sofa(White Wood Bears), Rattan Waste Bin(White), Fruit Basket, Monstera(White), Ironwood Cupboard Teak, Ironwood Kitchenette(Teak), Cutting Board(No Finish Yellow), Dish-Drying Rack(Silver), Magnetic Knife Rack(Stainless Steel), Pot Rack(Stainless Steel), Frying Pan(Pasta), Terrarium(Gold), Hanging Terrarium(Black), Tissue Box(Rattan), Pet Bed(White), Pop-Up Toaster(White), System Kitchen(White), Wooden End Table(Pink Wood), Rattan Low Table(White), Serving Cart(White), Gas Range(White), Wedding Candle Set(Chic), Rice Cooker(White), Pot(Beige), Pet Food Bowl(Green), Unglazed Dish Set(Patterned), Cushion(White), Wall Clock(White).    

Modern Kitchen - 7

Modern Kitchen - 7 image

This piece contains 23 ACNH Items: Gray Vinyl Flooring, Café-Curtain Wall, Diner Chair(Black)*2, Table Setting(White)*2, Table With Cloth(Yellow), Freezer(Black), Stovetop Espresso Maker(Black), Microwave(Black), Iron Worktable(Black), Frying Pan(Veggie Sauté), Simple Kettle(Yellow), Dish-Drying Rack(Black), Mug(Black Carrot), Rice Cooker(Black), Natural Square Table(Natural), Kitchen Island(Black), Gas Range(Black), System Kitchen(Black), Iron Shelf(Black), Magnetic Knife Rack(Pop), Pot Rack(Wooden).

Modern Kitchen - 8

Modern Kitchen - 8 image

This piece contains 23 Animal Crossing Items: Iron Shelf(White), System Kitchen(White Wood), Gas Range(White), Kitchen Island(White), Microwave(White), Rice Cooker(White), Kettle, Magnetic Knife Rack(Stainless Steel), Pot Rack(Wooden), Soup Kettle(Borscht), Gray Vinyl Flooring, Café-Curtain Wall, Double-Door Refrigerator(White), Table Setting(White Orange), Espresso Maker(White), Pop-Up Toaster(White), Tool Shelf(White), Hourglass(White), Table Lamp(White), Fruit Basket, Table With Cloth(White), Sauna Heater, Serving Cart(White).

Modern Kitchen - 9

Modern Kitchen - 9 image

This piece contains 24 Animal Crossing Items: White-Chocolates Flooring, White Simple-Cloth Wall, Cacao Tree, Espresso Maker(White), Simple Kettle(Red), Mixer(Kiwifruit), Cream And Sugar(Floral), Wooden Chair(Light Wood), Unglazed Dish Set(Deep Blue), Rattan Waste Bin(White), Mug(White Carrot), Revolving Spice(Rack Orange), Rice Cooker(White), Dish-Drying Rack(White), Frying Pan(Pasta), Serving Cart(White), Table With Cloth(White), Ironwood Cupboard(Oak) *2, Double-Door Refrigerator(White), Ironwood Kitchenette(Oak), System Kitchen(White), Pot Rack(Stainless Steel), Magnetic Knife Rack(Wooden).    

Modern Kitchen - 10

Modern Kitchen - 10 image

This piece contains 33 Animal Crossing Items: Gas Range(White), Double-Door Refrigerator(White), Espresso Maker(White), Birch Flooring, Cute White Wall, Monochromatic Dotted Rug, Open-Frame Kitchen, Fireplace(Beige), Cypress Plant(White), Wooden Chair(White Wood), Wooden Mini Table(White Wood)*5, Iron Garden Table(White)*2, Frying Pan(Pizza), Cutting Board(No Finish Yellow), Mama Bear(Floral), LCD TV (50 In.)(Black), Coffee Cup(Simple), Box Corner Sofa(White), Coffee Cup(Elegant), Wall Clock(White), Microwave(White),  Iron Shelf(White), Ball(Volleyball), Box Sofa(White) *5.

Modern Kitchen - 11

Modern Kitchen - 11 image

This piece contains 27 Animal Crossing Items: Monochromatic Dot Flooring, Cute White Wall, Dish-Drying Rack(Red), Cutting Board(No Finish Yellow), Mixer(Strawberries), Frying Pan(Ratatouille), Revolving Spice Rack(Brown), Rice Cooker(Berry Red), Table With Cloth(Red), Wooden Chair(Cherry Wood)*2, System Kitchen(Red), Espresso Maker(Red), Floral Swag(Colorful), Iron Wall Lamp(Black), Fish Print(Giant Snakehead), Ironwood Cupboard(Oak)*2, Ironwood Dresser(Oak), Ironwood Kitchenette(Oak), Monstera(Red), Refrigerator(Red), Fan Palm(Red), Microwave(Red), Table Setting(Pink Orange)*2, Serving Cart(Red).

Modern Kitchen - 12

Modern Kitchen - 12 image

This piece contains 27 Animal Crossing Items: Serving Cart(Black)*2, Coffee Cup(Elegant), Blue Persian Rug, Monochromatic Tile Flooring, Café-Curtain Wall, Kitchen Island(Black), Gas Range(Black), System Kitchen(Black), Espresso Maker(Black), Table Setting(White White)*2, Frying Pan(Pasta), Microwave(Black), Dish-Drying Rack(Black), Iron Worktable(Black)*2, Dinnerware, Knife Block(Black), Pot Rack(Stainless Steel), Magnetic Knife Rack(Stainless Steel), Iron Wall Rack(Black), Double-Door Refrigerator(Black), Iron Shelf(Black), Hanging Terrarium(Black), Ironwood Chair(Old)*2.

Modern Kitchen - 13

Modern Kitchen - 13 image

This piece contains 29 Animal Crossing Items: White Simple-Cloth Wall, Stone Tile, Ironwood Chair(Oak)*2, Upright Vacuum(Red), Table Setting(White White)*2, Ironwood Table(Oak), Pop-Up Toaster(Green), Espresso Maker(White), Ironwood Low Table(Oak), Double-Door Refrigerator(Silver), Frying Pan, System Kitchen(White), Cutting Board(No Finish Blue), Ironwood Kitchenette(Oak), Wooden Waste Bin(White Wood), Pot Rack(Wooden), Magnetic Knife Rack(Wooden), Soup Kettle(Corn Soup), Gas Range(Silver), Blue Kitchen Mat, Dish-Drying Rack(White), Kettle, Kitchen Island(White), Stand Mixer(Silver), Rice Cooker(White), Ironwood Cupboard(Oak), Potted Ivy(Red).    

Modern Kitchen - 14

Modern Kitchen - 14 image

This piece contains 24 Animal Crossing Items: Table With Cloth(Green), Wooden Chest(Green)*2, Wooden Chair(Green)*2, Espresso Maker(White), Mom's Homemade Cake(Cat), Table Setting(White White), Iron Wall Lamp(White)*2, Diner Neon Clock(Red B & W Numeral), Fruit Basket, Double-Door Refrigerator(White), Simple Medium Brown Mat, Gray Vinyl Flooring, Café-Curtain Wall, Pot Rack(Stainless Steel), Pot Rack(Wooden), Open-Frame Kitchen, Frying Pan(Pasta), Fan Palm(Blue), Book Stands(White), Broom And Dustpan(Natural), Iron Shelf(White).    

Modern Kitchen - 15

Modern Kitchen - 15 image

This piece contains 27 Animal Crossing Items: Diner Counter Chair(Cream)*2,    Succulent Plant, Deluxe Washer(Blue), Retro Radiator, Table Lamp(White), Vintage TV Tray(Gold Green), Dinnerware, Pop-Up Toaster(Light Blue), Kitchen Island(Dark Brown), Yucca(White), Corkboard(Natural Apple), Pot Rack(Stainless Steel), Botanical Rug, Tapestry(Snow), Frying Pan, Gas Range(White), Microwave(Red), Dish-Drying Rack(Red), Ironwood Cupboard(Birch), Double-Door Refrigerator(White), Espresso Maker(White), Ironwood Dresser(Birch), Analog Kitchen Scale(Pink), Lecture-Hall Desk(Light Brown), Black-Brick Flooring, Brown Herringbone Wall.

Modern Kitchen - 16

Modern Kitchen - 16 iamge

This piece contains 27 Animal Crossing Items: Mom's Homemade Cake(Carrot), Ironwood Low Table(Oak), Portable Record Player(Blue), Ironwood Cupboard(Oak)*3, Double-Door Refrigerator(White), Simple Kettle(Navy Blue), Monstera(Brown), System Kitchen(Natural Wood), Cutting Board(No Finish Blue), Frying Pan, Gas Range(Silver), Mom's Embroidery(Flowers), Frozen-Treat Set(Kiwifruit), Ironwood Kitchenette(Birch), Dish-Drying Rack(White), Espresso Maker(White), Microwave(White), Wooden Stool(White Wood), Birthday Cupcake(10), Coffee Cup(Simple), Kitchen Island(Light Brown), Mom's Cool Kitchen Mat, Floral Swag(White), Black-Brick Flooring, Green Molded-Panel Wall.