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​Beginner's Guide: What kind of game is Animal Crossing?


As we all know, Animal Crossing is a developmental game, but it is more like a mortgage repayment game. As a new resident, you need to have a place to live on. When you enter the island, you only have one tent. After that, you can buy a house with a loan from the store owner Rick, so there is a non-task task in the game: repay the money.

Although Rick wants you to repay the mortgage, it doesn't matter if you want to choose not to repay it. This loan has no interest and no time limit. The price of not paying it back is just that you can't make your house bigger. If you choose to settle for the status quo, you can of course experience the casual life in the game. If you are willing to repay the mortgage, then you can have a bigger house and more mortgages!

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Like us in reality, after we get the house, we will think of how to decorate, so it is essential to decorate our house! The furniture system in the new vision is still a bright spot. There are furniture styles in different countries and regions, and special dressing styles will appear when celebrating festivals.

In the world of Animal Crossing, just like in real life, money needs to be spent on food, clothing, housing, and transportation. Where does the money come from? In a state of self-sufficiency, you can make money through labor-fishing, picking fruits, planting flowers, and catching insects can all make money!


But the fastest way to make money is to resell the radish-buy it from the mother-in-law-wait for the price of the radish to rise-sell it to Rick. It doesn't matter if you don't have enough time for the world of the game. After all, many tasks are constantly repeated. Although it is very leisurely, it will inevitably be tiring. You can Buy Animal Crossing Bells, air tickets, or other items directly from ACBellsBuy. This is A faster lifestyle than stocks.

Animal Crossing is a social game. The most important point is the game's interactive system. The animals in the game have their ideas and different personalities, making them look less like a bunch of data and more like your game. Friends here. They are waiting to meet you in the world of the game, sometimes they will do some annoying pranks, and sometimes they will move away from your life.