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Are you looking forward to the new game plus mode of Animal Crossing?


Many players from the initial tent to the current villa, or even the island construction, can almost be said to be a clearance game. Some players even think of restarting the game with Friends Chain, but if you restart the game, you may not have too much patience. Came to the island once. Restart Animal Crossing: The New Horizons game has little incentive for players who complete all the main tasks, which may be helpful for the New Game Plus mode.


Animal crossing night scene


Animal Crossing: NG+ will benefit New Horizons

By reaching game milestones, players can trigger the New Game Plus option in New Horizons. Unlocking the K.K. slider of Animal Crossing may be a way for players to access the NG+ option. To make it more challenging, when the player purchases the final upgrade to their own home, they can unlock the New Game Plus mode of Animal Crossing.


These upgrades may take a while to complete, which is a real challenge for Animal Crossing players. New Horizons'New Game Plus may also require players to complete all the exhibits in the museum, thereby increasing the difficulty of unlocking new game options.


After unlocking, the New Game Plus option may be different from before. Animal Crossing players can start the game with a certain number of Bells to help them build new islands. They can choose more difficult players because all upgrades and building bells and new storage files consume more resources. No matter which model, it will make the game restart a more meaningful experience. You can buy ACNH Bells at here.