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Are ACNH Items in New Horizons better than Pocket Camp?


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp revolves around accommodation and custom campsites. If you've done your homework, you'll find that Animal Crossing Pocket Camp was released in 2017. It has been 5 years so far. If you compare multiple games, you will find that Animal Crossing New Horizons is more suitable for you. There are more ACNH Villages to choose from, which can satisfy most of your in-game functions. Choosing Cheap ACNH Gold is the first step to enjoying island life.

Able Sisters Shop

Market Place and Able Sisters Shop

If you're someone who doesn't own a Nintendo Switch and don't plan to buy a Switch. The free mobile game ACNH Pocket Camp is more for you. As with Animal Crossing New Horizons, players can access other players' campsites by sharing their player ID. Market Place is a shopping district with Nookling Global, Able Sisters To Go, and Kicks. I love the Able Sisters Shop in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and I get new outfits every day. Wandering around my island, I often come across ACNH Village. I love talking to ACNH Village. Choosing Buy Animal Crossing Bells is one of my daily routines for patrons at Able Sisters Shop.

Pocket Camp

Pocket Camp Types and Island Designs

When entering the game for the first time, players need to create a personalized character. As with Animal Crossing New Horizons game settings, the player character's gender, skin, hair, and eyes can be changed through the settings menu. After entering the Pocket Camp game, there are 4 different types of campsites for players to choose from. Styles include Goldie, Rosie, Jay, and Apollo. Like Animal Crossing Island Designs, choosing the right island style is the first step to officially launching the game. If it were me, to save time and effort, I would directly choose Buy ACNH Island Designs. During the selection of the genre, you will also meet an acquaintance Isabelle. ACNH Village Isabelle is the announcer you meet every time you enter Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Nook's Cranny and Nookling Global

Furniture about campsites can be crafted by gathering crafting materials. The customizable furniture area of the campsite is 7x13 tiles. Uncraftable furniture can be purchased at Nookling Global or during limited-time events. Like Nook's Cranny Shop in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Both games are owned by Timmy and Tommy. Timmy and Tommy will occasionally sell some items that are not for sale. After comparing the data of players on the Animal Crossing forum, you will find that Nook's Cranny has a wider variety of items. ACNH Gold is the currency in which Nook's Cranny trades. The more ACNH Gold, the more items you can buy. You can also add a second-floor loft if you don't think the camper has enough space.

Nook's Cranny

Friendship Level

ACNH Pocket Camp players also have ranks. This is improved by leveling up villager friendships. Each time a villager's friendship level increases, the player's level progress increases by one heart. Once the player has reached a certain friendship level with the villager, the player can change the villager's clothing. For each new level, players will be rewarded. Players also receive additional items, which could be anything. Able Sisters To Go is a clothing store run by Mabel and Sable. Browse carefully, and you'll find items you like. ACBellsBuy.com is a professional trading site for Animal Crossing New Horizons. Professional ACNH Bells, Nook Miles Tickets, and Buy Animal Crossing Items are available.