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​Animal Crossing upgrades to version 2.0 and pays more attention to details


The upgraded Animal Crossing brings dazzling new content to players. Careful players will find that the update Animal Crossing pays more attention to details. Such as the new NPC, the return of practical ceiling furniture and pottery figurines, and so on. What makes players most satisfied is that most of the many upgrades are free.

Many NPCs debut in Big Island Plaza. The appearance of NPC can make the game environment more realistic. Players can also make different island rules. Especially those players who like to plan like this very much. Because the rules allow the islanders to start a whole day of activities in advance. Players can choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells to prepare for the event in advance. Let the islanders match the life and rest of the players! Players can also perform somatosensory operations through the buttons and dance square dances with the islanders.

The long-rumored cooking game is also unlocked this time. Players can cook a variety of cuisines through cooking recipes. Whether inside or outside the game, I am a big fan of food. A lot of ingredients are needed before cooking, and ingredients can also be obtained through cultivation methods. Using vegetables reasonably, you can make delicious food.

When the player sees a star pattern on the island, using a shovel, the lucky player will dig out a pottery figurine. Don't worry if you dig up fragments of pottery figurines. Plant the fragments of pottery figurines in the soil and water them to get a complete pottery figurine. If the player does not like the color of the pottery figurines, the player can also choose Buy ACNH Bells from the ACBellsBuy website to change the appearance of the pottery figurines. Different pottery figurines also make different sounds, which is very cool.

To make the room more layered, players can install lamps or ceiling furniture in the room. The items involved in all projects that players participate in can be found in the game. The wall wallpaper can also be changed. Players can change the wall into a uniform pattern or choose a single-sided wall to change it. These functions can be implemented in the new version update. The pattern designed by the tailor can also be made into wallpaper or pasted on the floor.