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​Animal Crossing: Unlocking Island Designer guide


Before unlocking the Island Designer, you can only follow the prompts of the game to make various simple and practical transformations, such as building houses, building bridges, and building stairs. These transformations must first facilitate your activities on the island. The Island Designer is relatively open, road construction, functional planning, and even pond digging can all be realized.

Island Designer 1

So how to unlock the Island Designer?

As mentioned before, the Island Designer appeared as the main task of the game progressed. Before that, we can enjoy leisure time on the island. At the same time, we have to complete the main task according to the NPC's prompts. The last prompt is to build a house to invite small animals to settle, and then raise the island's evaluation to level three to welcome KK to come to the island for a concert. Before completing this task, it seems that no suggestions have been mentioned again.

Then it is obvious that upgrading the evaluation of the island to Samsung and inviting KK to come to the island for a concert is also the most important task for unlocking the new features of the island. So how to quickly upgrade the island rating?

Island Designer 2

How to quickly upgrade the island rating?

It is very simple. First of all, you have to properly place furniture such as street lamps, stone tables and stools, fishing tackle, etc. on the island. Remember, don't put them in random places, you will get complaints, and make the island richer. Secondly, bridges and ladders were erected to facilitate the villagers to go up and down the mountain and travel conveniently. The last and most important thing is to invite villagers to settle on your island. You follow the instructions to build a house, invite small animals that come to camp to settle on your island, or invite small animals to an uninhabited island by yourself.

Island Designer 3

Although the above tasks seem simple, each task requires a huge amount of ACNH Bells. Many players will also choose to Buy ACNH Bells directly from ACBellsBuy to improve the efficiency of the game. You only need to spend a few minutes to get a huge amount of property. The most important thing about the dream of getting rich overnight is that you can complete the task quickly.

Island Designer 4

When there are 8 villagers on your island, talk to Isabelle and ask about the evaluation of the island. Not surprisingly, your island is three stars. At this time, the service office will receive a letter from the musician KK. The next day KK will come to your island to give a concert. After the concert, you will start another journey on the island.

Island Designer 5

The function of Island Designer will be unlocked. You can check the function of Island Designer through the ZL button of the game console and learn how to use it. After learning to use it, you can exchange Nook Miles from Nook Inc for your favorite facilities such as road paving. Remember, please wear a helmet during construction, and safety first.