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Animal Crossing: Turnips access method


Turnips is a powerful financial tool in the Animal Crossing game. You can earn a lot of money if you use it properly. Today, I bring you the introduction of Turnips acquisition methods for Animal Crossing.

Every Sunday morning, a person named Daisy Mae shows up on your island and sells you turnips. Then the following Monday through Saturday, the store will pick up the turnips at an erratically fluctuating price, and if you can sell at the top, you'll make a fortune, but the turnips will break down on time for the following Sunday. If it rots, you lose it all.

Turnips can only be purchased from NPC Daisy Mae, and the player needs to set up the store first, and then find the NPC on the island.

Turnips should be purchased for a minimum of 10, or no limit, and typically cost between 90 and 110. Therefore, it is recommended that players have enough money to go to the NPC, and a few days after buying it, go to Timmy, who will buy Turnips.

The price of Turnips fluctuates from day to day, allowing players to sell at the right time, using the difference between buying and selling to make a quick buck.

Note: Building a store can be done in the first few days of the game, requiring players to prepare the wood(30), hardwood(30), softwood(30), iron nugget(30).

Turnips are stored for a week, and if they are not sold for a week after purchase, they rot. Therefore, in the last few days, even if the price is not satisfactory, it is necessary to sell in time, if the rot is lost. Also, the bells sold on Acbellsbuy can be bought by selling turnips. ACBellsBuy is a reliable and fast shipping site.