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​Animal Crossing: Tom Nook, the mascot in new horizons


Tom Nook is one of the most iconic Animal Crossing characters, and New Horizons makes the series mascot Tom Nook a more prominent character. Almost every game appears in every corner of the island in many forms. Tom Nook's role range runs through the beginning and the end of the game. Like the mascot, the service of the ACBellsBuy website also runs through the beginning and the end of the game. As long as the player needs, the player can choose Buy ACNH Bells. Tom Nook's character set is centered on player interaction. This means no matter what happens in the series. Each new game heralds the return of Tom Nook. If the next Animal Crossing: New Horizons game is to try to change the status quo, replacing Tom Nook may be a wise way to start.

From the original Animal Crossing game to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in 2020, Tom Nook is one of the first characters to introduce players to his new home. Tom Nook provides mortgage loans and loan repayment services to other ordinary villagers. Because ordinary villagers need a lot of working capital to upgrade their apartments, Tom Nook seized the opportunity and started to provide them with a short-term project. Over the years, his almost identical functions have earned Tom Nook a reputation among fans. As time goes by, the players stop liking Tom Nook because they are unchanged and without any surprises. This process is terrible.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be the fourth game in the series. This will be the main game that changes Tomnook's role. In New Leaf, he handed over the ownership of the store to Timmy and Tommy and instead learned to be described as a real estate agent. With the most successful game in the series, New Horizons, Tom Nook was removed from the role of the shopkeeper. Animal Crossing has proven that it can succeed regardless of whether it deviates from the standard aspects of past entries. Players can choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells to get the help they want in the process of leaving. New Horizons continues to move in this specific direction. To make yourself unique, your future animal crossing game should be able to break away from Tom Nook.

There is a wide range of Animal Crossing characters that may replace Tom Nook. In New Leaf, players can work part-time in Brewster's coffee shop. This feature can be reintroduced as a new tutorial stand-in, and it is also a way for players to earn their first mortgage. In addition, Lyle has also appeared in many Animal Crossing games, from the agent to the various departments of Happy Home Academy. With his outstanding professional knowledge, he is very suitable to replace Tom Nook's house-related game responsibilities. Considering the new main force of the town, Isabel may be in power, and it is still refreshing to introduce players to new locations with familiar faces.