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​Animal Crossing: The reaction of players and villagers when interacting with players


The villager interaction in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is very similar to past games. Neighbors may have eight different villagers' personalities, each of which is unique in the dialogue. The villagers still ask the player for help, but they will only do so when they are close to the player or when thought bubbles are flooding instead of talking normally.

Animal crossing villagers

The same goes for changing the villagers' language or giving them new greetings. In this way, even if you interact with the best villagers, the conversation will often be repeated, which may weaken the game experience in the game, and this game greatly encourages friendship with animal neighbors.

It is now discovered that animal neighbors react to certain costumes worn by the player. If the villagers dress up as animals like them, the animals will even react. The review also claimed that Mabel, one of the owners of Able Sisters, reacted to players wearing detective hats and jackets.

Halloween is a treat for Animal Crossing players. In October, not only provided many new products, but also added custom functions, and the community was very active in providing a variety of unique creations. Nook's Cranny has been selling Spooky series of furniture and candies, which will be used to trade with villagers on Halloween night.

Players can create some interesting scenes in which they can interact with frog villagers wearing frog costumes, and the frog villagers will react accordingly. It shows that many things can still be found in the increasingly popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal crossing villagers 1

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