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​Animal Crossing: The most comprehensive guide to improving island rating


The islands have a five-star rating in total. We have to start by stage and complete the three-star rating first. Because after the island is upgraded to three stars, we will be able to unlock KK musicians to come to the island for concerts. So How to quickly improve the Animal Crossing islands rating?

talk to lsabella

We live on the island with the main task of the game. When you don't know what to do on the island, you can go to Tommy or Isabelle and talk to them. They will tell you what to do and follow the tips they give. Just complete the task.

However, what should we do if we find that the island's rating still fails after we have done a period of mission? Please compare the following tasks to see if you have all experienced them.

talk to Tom

The most efficient way to obtain furniture drawings is through the raccoon terminal machine. They can also be obtained through floating bottles and balloons. If you have close friends, you can complement each other's drawings.

DIY Furniture will get a higher evaluation than directly buying or shaking the tree. The furniture is only effective if it is placed on the island, and you can also pile up the number of furniture with few materials, so the conditions are not difficult to achieve. The placement is not particular, it can be concentrated or scattered.


The most efficient furniture is recommended here: stone stool (stone X3), incense stand (clay x3), washing tub (soft wood x3), log post (wood x3), log stool (hard wood x4), cooking fire (branches) x3).

Trees can be dug on uninhabited islands, or saplings can be purchased from shops and planted. Don't think that broad-leaved trees grow like fruit trees and do not grow without fruit. After April, broad-leaved trees will become cherry trees, and cherry blossoms will be an important material for certain furniture.


Flowers can also be dug from uninhabited islands, and the flowers themselves will multiply. No matter how bad they are, you can go to the store to buy flowers and replant them, by the way, engage in hybridization.

The fence will be obtained in the process of the game, and you can get ten pieces each time you make it. Besides, you can also use mileage to buy fence drawings in the raccoon terminal, which changes every day. To make the island look good, the fence is the key.


Removing weeds can also improve the evaluation of the island. Just pull it out, but don't sell it all at once. Sometimes there will be a task of selling weeds in Nook Jiliyou+, so it is recommended to store the weeds at home after the weeds are pulled out. It also seems that weeds will grow on their own as the months' change.

Regarding facility renovation, four facilities can be upgraded:

Animal crossing villagers

1. The advanced service office is reached during the process of completing the mainline, and it will take 8 days at the earliest;

2. The high-level museum needs you to donate 15 kinds of fossils to Curator Blathers, and the upgrade will be completed in two days. This should be the fastest in the initial stage;

3. The transformation of a high-end store requires you to sell a certain amount of goods and buy a certain amount of goods. After at least 7 days in the game, three residents live on the island, all four conditions are met. I haven't calculated the specific amount of the transaction. In short, try to sell as much as possible.

After unlocking the premium store, there are more types of items that can be purchased. The most important thing is to unlock the rainbow tools, which are more durable than ordinary tools.

4. Before the transformation of the senior tailor shop, you must unlock the junior tailor shop. After the advanced information desk is built, Jianer will go to the front door of the information desk to set up a stall, and then you need to buy clothes from Silk frequently, at the earliest for two consecutive days. If you do, you can get modified items from her, and then set the location of the high-level tailor shop on the island, and wait two days for the high-level tailor shop to open.

Cross the bridge

Bridges and ramps need to wait until the service desk is upgraded, then talk to Tommy at the information desk and purchase the corresponding bridge or ramp tools. Bells are particularly needed.

After the campsite is built, animals will occasionally appear on the island. Then you can persuade it to settle on the island. You can also apply to Tommy to build a house on the island's free land. After the house is built, if animals come to Campsites, you can persuade them to settle down, but the chances are very small. Or you use the Nook Miles Tickets to go to the uninhabited island to persuade the animals to go to the island.


When there are 8 animal villagers on the island, you can go to the service office to talk to Isabelle and ask questions about the island evaluation. It will tell you that the island evaluation has reached three stars, and you will receive a letter from KK. KK will be the next day Come to your island to hold a concert. Since then, KK will go to the island once a week.

After you invite KK to the island, the island construction will rise to a new height. You can carry out the large-scale transformation of the island, carry out regional planning, and road construction, which will be more interesting than before. Are you eager to see the players transforming the island?