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​Animal Crossing: The development direction of New Horizons in 2021


Animal Crossing: After the global release of New Horizons, the development speed in 2021 will be slower than in previous years. Just a year ago, ACNH was the most widely used game on Switch. Now Animal Crossing: New Horizons game has no more novel content updates. This either means that Nintendo is phasing out ACNH, which may be very unlikely. Or it is waiting to announce something, hopefully, an important update or DLC. So finding new directions is a great idea.

Animal crossing villagers

Since the Festival in January and the outbreak of Mario's property in February, ANCH updates have been lackluster. Updated in March, dedicated to the anniversary of New Horizons, and provides a variety of new customizable products, such as photo frames, for your custom design application. The April update made the fewest adjustments to last year's summer and spring holidays. The players here have good memories. Essentially, players are revisiting the same annual content without enough freshness.

Simply expanding the functions already in the game may also be a good move. The recent influx of Able Sisters clothing will be exciting because finding repetitions in stores has become commonplace. New fossils, fish, and bugs will be welcome, and some players may have collected them. Once the game designer increases the number of island residents, on the other hand, it will prompt players to actively search for islands suitable for living. No matter what the environment of the island is, this requires players to think about it.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an incredible game, and for some people, it creates a reassuring simulation world. So the second year's update requires more surprise designs. Hope these new and interesting activities are enough to help players rediscover the wonders of their islands. In previous games, the game designer allowed players to expand Nook's Cranny into a complete multi-story department store. To build a better store, Players need to prepare a lot of Animal Crossing Bells. Fortunately, players can also choose to Buy ACNH Bells from the safest and most convenient ACBellsBuy store. Add expansion rewards to Nook's Cranny and other buildings such as City Hall and Able Sisters. This is very important. ACH's gameplay will once again attract players.