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​Animal Crossing team revealed player data, there are more adults playing


Each game of Animal Crossing can bring a completely different style and content from its predecessors. The most critical innovation of Animal Crossing New Horizons is to change the goals and achievements of each stage of play, allowing players to set their own goals through the game.

Nokami Heng, the producer of Animal Crossing, then shared some statistics related to players, revealing the age and gender distribution of the most important player groups.


When ordinary people are asked about their impressions of the Animal Crossing Series, they probably think that this is a casual game that can live with cute animals or a game played by young girls. But according to the data, it is obvious that the ratio of male and female players is almost half, and most players are in their 20s to 30s.

The key reason why Animal Crossing New Horizons did not perform as expected among younger players is that the time to market for this game is not selected during some important holiday periods. Many younger children may not have the opportunity to buy this game, but the distribution of the player population is still beyond people's expectations.

AC New Horizons' landscape quality and the character design are quite attractive. For example, insects and fish look more realistic in design, because it makes players want to collect them more. As for trees and plants, simpler designs are adopted.

Players can imagine the scenery of the game part by themselves. Players will try to use their memories to fill these vacancies, and if you can maintain your ideas in these vacancies, then you can create your own game goals and motivations.

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