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​Animal Crossing players want newer and bigger features than DLC


Animal Crossing: New Horizons will receive a DLC on November 5th. The newly updated DLC looks huge. The island can be modified by adding some new features to the player's island. The addition of new features almost adds a brand new game to the animal crossing game. In a short time, DLC helped Animal Crossing lead a new frenzy of playing Animal Crossing games. In short, the release and update of the DLC were very successful.

The DLC called Happy Home Paradise provides players with the opportunity to work in the resort. The mission of the resort is to help various animals cross the characters to build their perfect holiday houses. Players can also decorate and customize independent facilities. For personal customization, players can browse the ACBellsBuy website for help. Players choose Buy ACNH Bells to help generate novel ideas. To achieve diversified construction and maximum creativity, DLC also introduced new design techniques, such as partition walls, counters, and soundscapes.

The paid DLC for New Horizons was announced during the Animal Crossing Direct in October 2021. Before the update, the players had to wait boringly. I have great expectations for this update. The 2.0 patch and DLC will give new horizons new life. According to the rules of the game, most of the new features of DLC will be locked in the resort.

Some players have proposed that if players can build similar facilities on their islands. Let their villagers interact with them. then Happy Home could have done better. Then players can choose Buy Bells Animal Crossing to complete a greater design. Unfortunately. Due to the limited area of the island, the required buildings cannot be accommodated at all. If players can add a new type of building to their island and make it any facility they want, that would be a great feature.

As far as Animal Crossing: New Horizons is concerned, the player can decorate the surrounding campsites. It's nice to see a little upgrade here. Considering the entire archipelago resort, the villagers of Animal Crossing may want more than just a small tent. But they have more choices from holidays to player islands. With all the new design techniques and the ability to further customize the island, it would be better if you could decorate the tent.