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​Animal Crossing: New Horizons will make Sanrio-themed items released


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been serving players around the world for a year since last year. Because of the unfettered life on the island, it is popular with players all over the world. Players live with other residents on the island. If you have an animal inhabitant that you don't like, please go out to make room for other animals.

On March 18th, the latest update of the game will be released for Sanrio-themed items and residents through the amiibo card pack. Sanrio produces everything from Hello Kitty to Aggretsuko, so there will be a variety of items celebrating this increase.

Sanrio-themed items

In this update, users will be provided with 50 more custom and professional design positions in each category. This means it can use its own design to be more creative and find others to add to your catalog. Players with Nintendo Switch Online membership can access this customized design portal from their fast NookPhone.

Bunny Day is back

Many players missed the Bunny Festival when they played Animal Crossing for the first time last year. This year they can take this opportunity to make up for it all. The event will be held on April 4, but Nook's Cranny will start selling certain Bunny Day items every day. The first major event of the game is to bury many literal Easter eggs in the ground and make DIY recipes. Hurry up and prepare your sufficient Animal Crossing Bells to trade items for the event.

Bunny Day

The charm of Animal Crossing is that you can enjoy the whole process from preparation to the end of an event, you can also enjoy the event directly, and the preparation process of the items, you can quickly obtain them through ACBellsBuy, not only It saves your time and allows you to enjoy better gaming fun.