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Animal Crossing New Horizons: What is the role of Nook Miles Tickets?


ACNH Nook Miles Tickets in Animal Crossing New Horizons are very important props. They can go to other islands, but many players don't know what Nook Miles Tickets do. I will share with you the introduction of Nook Miles Tickets today. It helps, let's take a look.

Nook Miles Tickets allows you to fly to a randomly generated island. If you are a single player and want to grow other fruits, you need to Buy Nook Miles Tickets to dig fruits on this material island.

Nook Miles Tickets

You can also meet other villagers on the material island. As the game progresses, you can invite them to live on your island. Inviting villagers is a very interesting and beneficial thing, which will not only increase the vitality of your island but also provide yourself with better development space.

The most important purpose of the material island is to brush materials. In the game, you may need to give the civet wood and iron ore to build shops and other buildings, but the resources on your island are limited, so you can go when you need materials urgently The material is collected on the island.

Remember not to drop anything on the island, once you leave, you will not find it. When you feel that the items on your island are not rich enough, you can go to an island randomly through Nook Miles Tickets, and then move the fruits you have never seen before to your island, which will not only enrich your island but also Can get more Bells.

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