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​Animal Crossing: New Horizons urgently needs novel updates


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been a huge success since its release, exceeding everyone's expectations. Players all over the world like to build their tropical islands to escape the boring time of reality.

More and more players are joining the island construction, and the needs of players are becoming more and more diverse. Now Animal Crossing: New Horizons urgently needs major updates, including improved quality of life and new content.

Although Nintendo promised to help New Horizons within a few years, since the summer of 2020, ACNH has introduced swimming and diving features, and there have been no appropriate game updates since then. Of course, there are several holiday updates, and although most of these activities are fun at the beginning, players are disappointed to find that they will look the same in the coming year.

This year's Bunny Festival is also very similar, except that a few brand new items have been added. A major update of New Horizons is urgently needed. Yes, it needs to add a variety of content to allow players to return to the game.

The most important update that should be made to New Horizons is basic. For example, Able Sister's store uses a shopping cart. Up to now, to ensure that players buy more than one item, they need to enter and exit the fitting room every time. When you find that the product that the player wants to obtain has multiple colors, this process can last a long time.

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