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​Animal Crossing: New Horizons updates New Year's items in a limited time


Animal Crossing: New Horizons celebrates the arrival of 2021. The Switch life sim card provides seven limited times New Year gifts. Players can now purchase seven New Year-themed foods and decorations through Nook Shopping, but they can only stay for a few days.

New Year's items

Before January 15, you can buy the following items from the "Seasonal" tab of the Nook Shopping service:

2021 celebratory arch - 2,021 Bells

Olivier salad - 1,000 Bells

Zodiac ox figurine - 1,600 Bells

Kagamimoci - 1,800 Bells

Kadomatsu - 2,580 Bells

New Year's shimekazari - 2,000 Bells

Yut Nori - 1,300 Bells

This is the second New Year's item added to the game from the Nook Shopping catalog. I believe you have seen the four New Year foods displayed before New Year's Eve last month, but these foods are no longer available.

Although the holiday is over, the fishing competition in this month's Animal Crossing is still worth looking forward to. You still need a few days to build a snowman, catch snowflakes and learn holiday DIY recipes. I hope you get real happiness in the game. If you don't have enough time, you can also quickly buy directly from https://www.acbellsbuy.com/. We will provide you with the ACNH Items and help you need in the event.