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Animal Crossing New Horizons: The uses of Iron Nuggets and how to obtain them


In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Iron Nuggets have always been the material needed to make many props. Iron Nuggets are mainly used for DIY production. For example, making tools, furniture, and even your DIY workbench. So how do we get Iron Nuggets? Here is a guide for you to get Iron Nuggets.

Hit rocks with an ax or shovel

You can get Iron Nuggets by hitting the rocks on the island with an ax or a spade. But the number of times we hit the rock is limited, usually at most 8 times, and the materials we get are also random.

Eat some fruit before hitting the rocks

Under normal circumstances, we will use up our strength after we hit some rocks. At this time, you need to eat some fruits to replenish your energy. After eating the fruit, you will have more strength to beat the rocks. A rock will regenerate every day, so you don't have to worry about running out of rocks, and there is no need to break all the rocks on the island.

Clear weeds around the stones and dig holes behind you

First of all, we need to find a rock, and then pick up all the weeds around the rock, because when we hit the rock, the iron ore will fall and the weeds will take up the place. After the weeds are cleared, we have to dig 3 large pits behind ourselves, because we will have recoil when we hit the rock, and the large pits will offset our recoil. In this way, we can hit the rock 9 times in a row, and 8-9 Iron Nuggets will appear.

Use a slingshot to knock down gifts in the air

There are some gifts in the floating balloons on the island, and these gifts may also contain Iron Nuggets. We hit them with a slingshot and let them fall on the ground to get them. With luck, a gift may contain 5 Iron Nuggets.

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