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Animal Crossing New Horizons: The relationship between the villagers on the island


Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players to establish friendly relationships with all characters living on the island, regardless of their personality type. But for the villagers of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this is not the case. Conflicting personality types and priorities in life have led to some fierce debates between different personalities. These disputes cannot be resolved with gifts or apologies, and player intervention often only makes things worse.

Personality type is a basic part of each animal crossing game. This feature is designed to make each villager unique and to provide different villagers with different crafting recipes in ACNH. Conflicting personalities also make the island more lifelike, because when not everyone gets along well, it tends to make the relationship between the villagers more organic. If players want to create some drama on their New Horizons Island, some Animal Crossing villagers can't help but despise each other.

Fauna is a very popular villager. Not only is she a cute deer with a charming personality, but she tends to get along with most of the villagers on the island. But this does not mean that Fauna enjoys everyone's company, as her frequent conflicts with Chief the wolf show. Except for the fact that one is a deer and the other is a wolf, their personalities are very conflicting. Fauna is an ordinary personality type, and Chief is a grumpy personality type, which means they will argue about anything. Even trivial things like when they wake up and how they treat other villagers on the island are topics that trigger conflicts between them. As we all know, Chief spread rumors about other villagers on the island, which increased the tension between him and his neighbors.

The most surprising duo that caused conflict in Animal Crossing: New Horizons were Judy and Sherb. Judy is an arrogant and shiny bear. Although her innocent appearance may be a joke at first, she may be one of the most judgmental characters in the game. Sherb is laid-back and lazy. Compared with Judy's gorgeous style, she prefers the little comforts in life. Normally, their conflict will cause Sherb not to care about his appearance as he should, and Sherb occasionally hits back at Judy's absurd taste.

Although villagers had occasional quarrels and conflicts before, it was precise because of these dramatic events that life on the island became more interesting. And these villagers also have a very cute and lovable side. If you have a favorite villager, you can choose ACBellsBuy to purchase.