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​Animal Crossing: New Horizons: The Anticipated Cherry Blossom Season is back


With the arrival of spring, the most anticipated cherry blossoms in Animal Crossing: New Horizons bloom again. Players in the northern hemisphere will be able to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms before April 10, and you can also make DIY recipes for cherry blossoms.

Cherry trees are transformed from broad-leaved trees, but fruit trees do not become cherry trees. Throughout the cherry blossom season, you can catch these petals with a net and use them to make some DIY recipes. There are a total of 14 recipes that can be made. If you missed any of the activities from last year, then you will have another opportunity to learn them until the end of the cherry blossom season.

Outdoor picnic set

Blossom-viewing lantern

Cherry-blossom pond stone

Cherry-blossom-petal pile

Cherry-blossom bonsai

Cherry-blossom branches

Cherry-blossom clock

Cherry-blossom umbrella

Cherry-blossom pochette

Cherry-blossom wand

Cherry-blossom-trees wall

Cherry-blossom flooring

Sakura-wood wall

Sakura-wood flooring

In addition, Nook Shopping now sells some other seasonal products. Players can order new seasonal products from Nook Shopping until April 10.  Season ACNH Items can be ordered throughout the month. You can view all currently available seasonal products and their prices below:

Products and prices

The Able Sisters store is also selling prom-themed costumes this month. The Bunny Festival is now over, and the fishing competition will take place on April 10th.

Nintendo also recently launched an update to the NookLink supporting service, which introduced Nook Points. You will get points for checking the app every day, which can be redeemed for exclusive in-game items.