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Animal Crossing New Horizons players get more ACNH Items than the previous series - ACbellsbuy


In 2022, Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans are disappointed with Nintendo. But compared to previous generations of Animal Crossing games, players get more ACNH Items than before.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has gone through a lot of issues since its March 2022 release. These include user experience - flashbacks and various technical bugs. Although the problem was dealt with on time, there were still complaints from some users. After the developers' efforts many times, the game has been patched, updated, and the number of ACNH Items has been updated. The Animal Crossing Items catalog is complete, so you can find ACNH Items for any style of island design. Especially the ACNH 2.0 new items will surprise you. According to data from the Internet, New Horizons is the most popular version of the Animal Crossing series. In the first two months of its release, New Horizons sold more games than all other Animal Crossing franchises combined. Among them, the free update in November 2021 will push the sales of Animal Crossing New Horizons to a new climax.

New Horizons is the fifth update in the Animal Crossing series. The first series was updated in 2001. While Animal Crossing has been updated through multiple versions, the game's central theme has not changed. Animal Crossing's entire series of games revolve around the labor-for-fruit mindset, pushing players to unlock deeper stories. And with the changing needs of players, Animal Crossing games are also gradually growing. In the final New Horizons version, players can earn Bells Animal Crossing. Bells ACNH can buy AC items directly. Bells are one of the most important monetary representatives of New Horizons Island. Also includes Nook Miles Tickets for Nook Miles Redemption, which sells Animal Crossing Bells vouchers that do not require item redemption. In short, the role of AC Bells, throughout the game. how to get more bells in Animal Crossing is your particular concern. Players can craft DIY tools and custom furniture, remodel and design their islands, and with the recent 2.0 update, cook seasonal recipes. True to its name, New Horizons breathes life into the Animal Crossing franchise.

After the 2.0 update, Nintendo gave a clear reply that there will be no new ACNH Items updates later. The life of the player in the island town is simple and suitable for players of any age to get started. But with this slow-paced, repetitive activity, many ACNH players end up with nothing to do. Only constant updates and free new item updates are what motivate them to return to their island. After the ACNH 2.0 update, involving 413 animal villagers and a list of 9000+ items, this is a very generous Animal Crossing feedback game update for all players. Nintendo allows players to use Amiibo cards to summon animal villagers, a feature that other versions cannot.

The fact that the New Horizons series can be so successful is also something learned from the old Animal Crossing games. Even so, the New Horizons game isn't perfect. For example, the New Horizons game cannot be in love. The New Horizons game introduces 35 species of animal villagers, and you can invite up to 10 of them to live on your island at a time. After a successful invitation, maintaining relationships with villagers on the island is more beneficial than detrimental. Regrettably. Even if you can invite them to live on the island, the content of your dialogue with the animal villagers is fixed every day, you cannot change the internal actions outside of the words, and you cannot fall in love with them.

To make the game more human, each villager has a different personality. This is a difficult challenge for players to screen their beloved neighbors. Choose island villagers carefully, if you accidentally choose a villager with a bad temper, your island will be too noisy. Arranging 10 villagers to live on the island may make the island a bit crowded. So, you need to lay out the island terrain in advance. New Horizons only allows players one island. When you complete an island design, many players now feel unable to continue the game because they are reluctant to abandon the existing island. Therefore, they will reproduce the layout and secondary design based on the existing island.

While many fans may still be hoping for an Animal Crossing sequel, the current list of Animal Crossing Items is complete enough. Compared with the things that could not be completed in the previous version, it can be achieved in New Horizons. Especially the ACNH Items for sale, Cheap ACNH Bells, ACNH Nook Miles Tickets provided by the professional ACNH Store - ACbellsbuy, you can enjoy 10% OFF.