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Animal Crossing New Horizons Players Create Amazing Works - KK Slider Pie


Animal Crossing New Horizons fans' love for the game is not only shown in the island design, but also the creation of the animal villagers.

Animal Crossing kk slider image

Animal Crossing Isabelle, Timmy & Tommy, Tom Nook, kk slider, Orville, Wilbur, and Pascal are all regular villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons. They work in various capacities on ACNH islands to help you with island upgrades and island design projects. Every time you enter the island, you'll meet the announcer Isabelle, who will tell you what's going on on the island. For island home loans and upgrades, you can contact Tom Nook. For the sale of unwanted items contact Timmy & Tommy of Nook's Cranny. Some players say that Nook is a profiteer who controls most of the real estate agents on the island. But on the other hand, the Nook doesn't rush you to repay the loan. You can earn Animal Crossing Bells through daily island seasonal events, limited-time events, and more. ACNH Bells earned through island activities can be spent at the island base store. Animal Crossing Bells For Sale offered by ACNH Shop will be lower. Nook's Cranny, ABLE Sister, and Nook Shopping are the island's famous ACNH Shops. KK Slider is the only singer. He hosts special concerts and provides players with a soundtrack that can be used on the island. He is also an accomplished male dog villager. You need an invitation, and he will come to your island.

The prototype of KK Slider is derived from the initials of the Nintendo video game voice actor's name. Rumor has it that KK Slider and Isabelle are boyfriend and girlfriend, although the process didn't go smoothly. When you fulfill Tom Nook's invitation, you can find him near the train station. KK Slider doesn't appear on the player's island every day. Once he shows up, it usually heralds the start of the weekend. KK Slider played 107 songs in New Horizons. ACNH 2.0 is updated with 12 new playlists for free. KK Slider has a lively personality. Listening to his concert, I felt a yearning for breaking through the shackles and feeling like freedom. This shatters the stereotype of the norm for musicians.

KK Slider Pie image

Recently, an ACNH fan decided to show their love for musician villagers by baking an actual pie with a crust derived from the KK Slider. On Reddit, users Spookydonuts used their real-life skills to show off their love for K.K. In their post, they shared an image of a realistic pie they baked with K.K. In Animal Crossing Items, I also recommend K.K. Love Song, K.K. Song, Marine Song 2001 and Mountain Song. The sliding Slider on the player's design shell is designed with KK's signature sitting position, holding the guitar they play in the Nintendo Switch game. To make the pattern more three-dimensional, the player filled a whole surface of green on the background of the KK Slider. In Animal Crossing New Horizons, the greenest colors are trees and wallpapers. You can try your luck with ACNH Bells at Nook's Cranny.

Many replies on the post praised the work of Spookydonuts, saying the pies looked delicious. A lot of people are also wondering how the background of the KK Slider makes it look so green. According to the creators, they used green apples, which is why the filling has such a distinct green color. In addition to making the Animal Crossing New Horizons NPC KK Slider into KK Slider Pie. Before, there were players who made Sasha villagers, Ace villagers, and Rio villagers into real-life figures. There are also animal villagers made into plush toys and more. The New Horizons game is already mature, and players can combine the game and reality according to their abilities. In-game, you can also use Nook Miles Tickets to fly to the Mystery Tour. In this process, you can bring back some small gifts from other islands and place them on your island. Like how to buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets from ACbellsbuy.com, it's legal. Nook Miles Tickets are flight credentials that you will need when you travel to Dodo Airlines.

In New Horizons, you will need the assistance of ACNH Bells, Nook Miles Tickets, and other ACNH Items before inviting KK Slider. For example, in the process of upgrading the island to 3 stars, you need to invite more villagers to your island, plant more flowers, more trees, place fences, pull out weeds and pick up garbage, etc. During the labor process, the Tool Set you use also has many uses, I recommend the Golden Tool Set. When you are short of tools during the event, you can also buy cheap ACNH Items utility tools from Nook's Cranny, Nook Shopping, or ACbellsbuy. Island design is a long process. ACNH Island Basic Stores can help you.