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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket and Island Guide


Another currency of Animal Crossing New Horizons is called Nook Miles, and you can earn money by completing tasks. You can buy 2,000 Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets to the airport from the Nook Station of Resident Services, and you can fly to the deserted island and harvest resources such as wood, stone, or iron.

The islands may look similar in layout, but the fruits and villagers you can find on the islands are always random. You can invite any villager you find on Nook Miles to accompany you. If you cannot receive any new villagers, there will be no animals on the island.

Nook Miles Tickets

You can grow some fruits to earn Bell, and the fruits transplanted from other places and planted on your island are more valuable. You can bring a tree back when you eat any new fruit. This is a great way to replant exotic fruit trees on the island without waiting for them to grow.

According to the different seasons, the animals that appear in each season are also different. Just like autumn, you can no longer encounter insects such as butterflies like summer, but new marine creatures are waiting for you to catch. You can put the captured animals in the museum, or you can change the bells, and choose according to your needs.

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