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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: June Update Is Coming Soon


June is coming, which means that the next update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is also coming soon. This update will bring some brand new costumes and items related to the season of the player's area. Next, I will introduce you to the main updates and changes in June.

Seasonal events and items

The long-awaited event for players in the upcoming wedding season in the next update. It will last for a month and provide some amazing items. For example the Nuptial bell, Nuptial ring pillow, Nuptial door plate, and Flower petal basket. In addition, players can also buy some brand new wedding supplies, which are available in a variety of colors. In addition, Father's Day activities will also be held in June. It will provide a Thank-You Dad mug and a cool-looking apron. The apron is also available in red, blue, and other colors, and players can choose according to their preferences.

Seasonal material

Because the players are in different regions, in the June update, players in the northern hemisphere will see many summer shells on their beaches. In the next month, they will also be provided with some cool summer-related recipes. Players in the southern hemisphere will experience an opposite change. Their island will be covered with snow. They will be able to catch snowflakes and make several objects from them. Villagers on the island will wear winter clothes, and players can make snowmen on the island every day.

Nook's Cranny changes

As each season changes, the appearance of Nook's Cranny also changes. For players in the northern hemisphere, the appearance of Nook's Cranny will become very summery, and seasonal products will also begin to appear in stores. And Southern Hemisphere players will have to wait for a while to get new seasonal items from Nook's Cranny because summer will arrive later.

At the same time, all Animal Crossing: New Horizons items updated in June will also be available on ACBellsBuy as soon as possible. Players can choose this platform to purchase.