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​Animal Crossing New Horizons July update Expected changes


With the arrival of summer in the northern hemisphere, the animal forest islands are also quietly changing. In addition to seasonal changes, the July update will also include other festivals and events such as Tanabata festival and Marine Day. At that time, players will fully enter the summer on the island.

When there are new seasonal changes, there will be existing seasonal items that disappear. Starting in July, the grass and trees will appear dark green, and then appear completely dark in August. Hydrangea bushes will stop supplying in July. However, Hibiscus Bush will be available from July 21st.

Animal crossing villagers

The hibiscus bushes make Animal Crossing Island more tropical and remind players of Tottenham Island in the previous entry in the series. Hibiscus shrubs come in many colors, including red and yellow.

Marine life will also change. Friends who like to fish can refer to last year's changes. After the game is updated, ACBellsBuy will continue to pay attention to reporting related changes.

In addition, Animal Crossing players in the northern hemisphere expect heavy rain from July. The frog villagers in the game will stop using umbrellas at this time, which is an incredible detail.

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