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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How to go to Friends Island


There are many different things on each island in Animal Crossing, and you will also get different things. So how do you go to a friend’s island in the game of the Animal Crossing? How do you go to your friend’s house? How does your friend’s island pass?

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There are two types of islands for friends in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The local online island and the Internet island. Both of these ways can go to our Friends Island. so our first step should be to go out, We can't go directly to Friends Island at home. We need to go to a place to go to Friends Island, which is to go out at the airport. We need to go out first, then go to the airport, and choose to go out at the location of the airport. At this time, the options for online and Internet islands just mentioned will appear. Both islands can be visited, but the way is different.


It is relatively simple to go to the online island. Players can go directly, but the Internet is still a little troublesome. Players have no brain to search for friends’ islands or passwords to pass. These two methods are better to choose a password, because the search island maybe If the network connection fails, the password search is better, but the password is required. Players need to get friends to cooperate, and friends need to go to the airport, choose the location to go out, and then send you the password to the island, only then can it go smoothly To enter Friends Island, and get some props on Friends Island.


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