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​Animal Crossing: New Horizons:How to build a very popular lake?


In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can customize the type of island according to the terrain and topography, and master the terrain conversion tool to create some unique scenery on their island. Creating lakes can add waterscapes to the islands has become the most popular type of island nowadays, so how to create a unique and very popular lake?

People have been building small ponds and rivers on their islands since they first unlocked the tools, so making unique waters is not a new technology. Building a lake requires some time and a lot of space to design.

To start designing the lake, players first need to make sure they have unlocked the island terrain editing tools. This involves raising the island's score to the highest and letting K.K Slider perform on the island. Once completed, the player should be able to use terrain editing tools.

The next step will be to find a large piece of land that can be dug to form a lake. The player may not have a land large enough to hold a completely clear land of the lake. Looking at the town map, the player will want to have at least one spot with a grid size to form a suitable lake.

After choosing the location, the player should start to clean the area. This can be quite time-consuming and expensive, as players not only need to take care of any highland terrain and trees that may exist in the area but also need to relocate all the houses there. This will be a time-consuming process of several hours because the Terraforming Tools of New Horizons are not the most efficient in the world.

When designing a lake, it is best to use reference photos. This not only helps players shape their lake surface but also designs it cohesively. If you are a person with a strong sense of design and strong hands-on ability, then you may not need to refer to photos.

Start with the rough edge contour when shaping the lake surface. Once the outline is outlined, players can begin to dig into the interior of their lake. Make sure that players will be trapped in their new work.

Once the lake is dug out and filled with water, players can finally figure out the outline and fine-tune the shape of the lake. In this part, players will finally start to see their designs blend. Make sure to keep in mind the areas where the trees and houses are planned and any other functional or decorative areas planned around the lake.

After the lake design is completed, players can associate it with trees, cliffs, rocks, etc. to make their lake more creative. In New Horizons, no matter what the players do, they will have their style, making their island paradise unique.