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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide Novice Tips


1. The two islanders who go to the island with you are random, but they must be a man and a woman

2. At the beginning of the game, the answer to the NPC asking you what you want to bring seems to affect the color of the airport and aircraft on the island (it still seems to be random)

3. At the beginning of the game, 5 species will be handed in. The next day, Dr. Owl will be able to get shovel and brace as soon as possible.

4. After being stung by a bee, talk to the female islander and teach you the formula of the medicine. If you are stung, you will get an achievement if you are stung again.

Little buddies

5. The start of iron ore is very scarce. The rocks on the island are an important source of iron ore in the early stage. Food will break the rocks, so do not eat food before knocking on iron ore.

6. Talk to the male islander when collecting materials from the shop and you will be given 5 iron ore

7. Press the R key in the civet cat shop to buy common tools and items, and the slingshot inside can be used to hit the balloon gift box

8. The tarantula can be sold for 8000 yuan. The first hand will go directly to the net. If the second hand is the second hand, the B key will accelerate the distance, and then turn back to the net.

Friends Collection 1

9. The mileage is given priority to change the quick item ring, the backpack can also be upgraded once with the mileage, one more row of capacity

10. There is a money bag buried in the golden light on the ground. After digging it, burying the shovel in it will turn into a golden shovel for 24 hours. Important update: The Japanese strategy station says that only the previous game can use this method to make a golden shovel. This work is still a cash cow.

11. You can use a mirror, you can change the appearance and even gender

12. Add storage function after the house is built

Friends Collection 2

13. After the later upgrade of the information center, the location of the buildings on the island can be changed through the land adjustment function

14. As the game progresses, you can use "Island Creator" to freely create roads and fill up rivers

15. The next day after the store is built, you will receive the task of building a bridge, and the next day you will get a ladder formula

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