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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ghost Quest Detailed Guide


Animal Crossing: New Horizons ghost will give you a lot of tasks, but ghosts also have different appearance times. Some friends are still unclear on how to do ghost tasks and how to complete the tasks. Let's introduce them in detail below.

Animal Crossing Friends

Condition: no specific conditions

Date of appearance: Every day there is a probability of landing (random)

Time of appearance: 20: 00 ~ 5:00 the next day

●The night randomly appears somewhere on the island

Ghosts will randomly appear at a certain location on the island at night. There are no specific conditions for appearance, and they may appear every day of the week.

Animal crossing ghost 1

●It will appear on the other end of the river or on the ramp

Unlike other NPCs that land on the island, ghosts will float on the island casually. Depending on the location of the occurrence, sometimes it is necessary to climb the ramp or jump over the river to find it.

Animal crossing ghost 2

Ghost Task Completion Process

Step ①: talk to ghost after finding it

Step ②: Collect 5 ghost souls

Step ③: Return the soul to the ghost

Step ④: Choose [expensive things] or [those not yet owned]

Step ⑤: Get rewards and complete tasks

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