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Animal Crossing New Horizons Fishing Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Read the Animal Crossing New Horizons Getting Started Guide. Learn to use tools to explore the island and quickly upgrade the island to 5 stars.

What should I do first in Animal Crossing?

ACNH 2.0 upgrades have become very common. The upgraded Animal Crossing Items offer more options. The first choice a player faces after entering the game is whether to go to a small island in the southern hemisphere or the northern hemisphere. It is recommended that you choose according to your location. Not necessarily limited to the hemispheric location selection. You can use Time Travel when necessary.

Time Travel animal crossing

Then follow the game instructions, Tom needs you to set up a tent at the beginning of the game. The tent is our player's temporary home. If you're after comfort, choose Antique Bed from ACNH Items. It is recommended that players find a place near the river and the base camp because you have to go to the base camp to receive tasks and exchange tasks. To save Animal Crossing Bells, you can pitch the tent directly next to the Resident Services Center and save time traveling back and forth.

What order should I do things in Animal Crossing?

In the beginning, the Nook will give you a simple task. You need to use the Fishing rod and Outdoorsy Net. Tools selected from ACNH Items have a short usage limit. You can work hard to earn ACNH Bells to upgrade your tools to gold. The material for the Fishing rod and Outdoorsy Net is twigs. Except for the branches that already exist on the ground, other branches are obtained by A, with a probability of about 10%. ) If you drop the hornet's nest, you may be stung by bees, and you need to use the medicine at this time.

How to fish in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

The strategy for catching fish is to catch only one fish shadow (fish shadow in the river). Throw the hook in front of the fish, not behind the tail. If the position is wrong, close the hook. Do it again until it sits close to the front of the fish's face. Don't move it. The fish will appear after about three seconds. When the fish sees it, they bite the hook. Press A and your success rate is 90%. This strategy also works for catching butterflies. The strategy for waving the butterfly is to point the character at the butterfly and press a. this is very simple.

Other Ways to Earn Animal Crossing Bells

Also, pick weeds anytime, anywhere, one can sell them for 10 gold coins, and you can go to Timmy or Tommy to buy things. Any weed can be exchanged for AC Bells. For early players who are not very Bells, if you don't want to go so hard, you can also Buy Animal Crossing Bells at ACBellsBuy, very affordable, which is very good.