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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fans Build Incredible Island Designs


Animal Crossing New Horizons fans are committed to making the island a one-of-a-kind island landscape, and the following are some of the players' wonderful works.

Immediately after Animal Crossing New Horizons 2020 launched, the game offered a lot of options when it came to island design and customization. Especially with the ACNH 2.0 update, the 9000+ item list includes 2.0 new villagers, 2.0 DIY cooking recipes, 2.0 new items, new furniture, and more. More island decoration items need Bell to buy. A legit ACNH Shop like ACBellsbuy will offer ACNH Items for sale, cheap ACNH Bells, and ACNH Nook Miles Tickets. If you don't know How to make bells in ACNH, I suggest you Buy ACNH Bells from ACbellsbuy. Low prices, Fast delivery, and 10% OFF. Participating in daily island activities can also get bells fast. As the island owner, players have the right to decide their island design. To make the island look healthier, villagers are also invited to settle on the island. For new villagers' settlement locations, are all determined by the player.

1. Factory-themed island by SkullQueenCrossing

Factory-themed island image

In this excellent piece, female players in black and white striped tops walk through a highly industrialized space with spinning gears, metal scaffolding, and dangerous-looking poison canisters. They even placed fire-breathing items and robotic arms to give off a factory vibe. According to SkullQueenCrossing's reply, the design of this island will continue to be improved in the later stage. In this work, player clothing and factory equipment all need to be purchased before they can be obtained. To collect all facility parts, you need to know the Fastest way to earn bells ACNH.

2. 3D dinosaur-themed villagers by Corpsebin

3D dinosaur-themed villagers iamge

Animal Crossing New Horizons has 413+ animal villagers divided into 35 species, and Dino is a species not found in the game. In order to make the dinosaur villager's image more realistic, the player also collected various materials and borrowed the prototype design of Diplodocus or Brontosaurus. The author uses a 3D model design to make the villagers more specific so that players can more clearly understand what Dino Villager looks like on the animal crossing island. There are many ways to invite island villagers. The quickest way to get bells ACNH is to trade with other island villagers.

3. K.K. Slider Pie by Spookydonuts

K.K. Slider Pie image

This work is both work and food. User Spookydonuts made a pie based on the K.K. Slider. In this work, K.K. is sitting under a tree in a standard sitting position, holding a guitar in his arms. To make the work more realistic, the blank author of the background is filled with green apples. To meet K.K on New Horizons Island, the player island must be upgraded to 3 stars. In the process of upgrading the island, you need fast and quick to get Bells for island building.

4. Taco Bell Restaurant by TotoroBabeLive players

Taco Bell Restaurant iamge

This New Horizons player designed a perfect Taco Bell game. From the purple bell's custom logo to neon blue, pink, and purple, the atmosphere feels like a real Taco Bell. The place even comes with food like salads, chips, and colorful drinks. The food and drinks in the works need bells to buy. Taco Bell Restaurant is very careful in every detail, even the choice of wallpaper. It takes time and money to complete this great design. While Animal Crossing New Horizons gives players complete design freedom, there are strict restrictions on the currency Bells. Players need to earn corresponding AC Bells through their labor. ACNH Bells are the most important currency in circulation on New Horizons Island. This means that most items on the island can be purchased with Bells. Since then, ACNH free bells and the Fastest way to get bells in ACNH are the first thought events for players entering the island.

Animal Crossing New Horizons has 3 base stores on it. Nook's Cranny provides players with services such as buying and selling. Fossils, hybrid flowers, fruit picked, gifts you received, weeds you plucked, and more on the island can all go to the shop and be sold to Timmy and Tommy. Converting unwanted items into AC Bells is also the Fastest way to get bells in Animal Crossing New Horizons. ABLE Sister will give you a variety of fashionable outfits for your players. The fashion store also regularly updates the list of clothing accessories. If you like fashionable clothes, talk to the island villagers every day and you will also have a chance to get precious clothes. Expensive clothing will be more expensive to exchange for Bells. Get free bells ACNH with a simple conversation. If you're looking for special, rare ACNH Items, head to Nook Shopping. In short, you can find any items you need to design your island and design your unique island.