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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dream Island Tips


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has officially opened the island of dreams to players. This is new gameplay in the summer update. At that time, players can go to the dreamland to play. The difference between this gameplay and online gameplay is that online is to visit a friend’s island, while the dream gameplay is to go to a friend’s dream, not a real visit.


Precautions for playing in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dream Island:

1. Cannot bring anything in the past, can not bring anything back.

2. Serviced offices, shops, and clothing stores are forbidden to use. Museums and players’ homes can be visited; if the island owner uploads "My Design", a "My Design" display board will appear in the square.

3. You can pick up anything on the ground ("placed on the ground" or naturally refreshed, but not placed).

4. You can use tools such as a shovel, ax, etc. (there are still durability restrictions), hitting stones, or even mining (not when online; all six stones are mined, no gold coins).

5. But it's useless if you have materials, you can't use the DIY station.

Dreamland 1

6. You can use the toilet but not the trash can.

7. Nook shopping, mileage, illustrated book, DIY manual, passport, and other apps cannot be used.

8. The emergency escape service can be used, with no fee, and special dialogue. Can only go back to the service square.

9. Can't touch the furniture, don't enter the catalog; can't learn DIY.

10. The time is not displayed in the dream, but it can be seen from clocks and other furniture that the time on the island is fixed at the moment of release and will not change.

These are some precautions organized by ACBellsBuy for you, I hope it can be helpful to you.