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Animal Crossing New Horizons DLC Guide & Tips | ACNH Items Upgraded Island Design


The ACNH DLC is Animal Crossing New Horizons' first and only paid expansion. Great inspiration will make you shine.

After going through the Animal Crossing 2.0 upgrade, Animal Crossing ushered in the first paid DLC-Happy House Paradise. In Happy Home, you will become a brand new exclusive home designer. This is not an easy task. Players need to design holiday homes for islanders. The most popular Animal Crossing Items Beautiful Statue, Twinkling Painting, and Rock-Head Statue can all be used in the resort design. These all require players to pay for purchases from Animal Crossing Bells. In addition, to better understand the dreams of each villager, players need to prepare a lot of materials in advance.

Understand the needs of animal villagers

First, you need to talk to Orville from Air Toto, then head to Lottie's Seaside Resort. After listening to Lottie's self-introduction and the role of the designer, players start looking for potential candidates. The last important step is to design a resort for the islanders, so players need to interview the islanders and gather their opinions. After integrating the information, players can choose islands and decorate them.

choose a suitable location

After choosing a suitable location, the furniture needs to be placed in the home according to the wishes of the islanders. This step is very important. Because only the islanders will be satisfied, the player as a designer can move on to the next step more comfortably. This will save you a lot in the future. Everyone has some necessary home furnishings to put somewhere in the room. Also, you have to build houses according to a specific theme to meet the needs of the villagers.

Design Resort Facilities

Besides houses, there are many facilities and public spaces, from schools to hospitals to restaurants, each with unique furniture and wallpapers. Such as Starry-Sky Wall, Black European-Style Wall, Rattan Bed, Short File Cabinet, Office Cabinet Wait. After Animal Crossing 2.0, there are 9000+ACNH Items for players to choose from. Island designers can take advantage of the new items this update brings. This way, the designer's player has full control over the placement and design freedom of the item.

Use Poki to buy items from Lottie's store

Poki is a special currency of Happy Homeland used to purchase items within the resort. When it's over, you'll get a Lottie as a reward. Enough AC Bells can give designers more inspiration. To satisfy the needs of good islanders, designers will receive more Poki currency. Poki works like Bells. Bells can purchase Nook Miles Tickets or ACNH Items in New Horizons. In the DLC, Poki can purchase rare items that only support Poki purchases.