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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Collection and Use of Pearls


In the Ver1.3.0 version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can obtain DIY manuals for mermaid furniture by swapping with NPC Ashu. Making this furniture requires pearls. So how do you get pearls? Today, I will introduce you to the "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" quick method of collecting pearls.

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How to get pearls

Exchange scallops with Adai

Using scallops to exchange pearls with Adai is currently the fastest method.

When the player collects scallops for the first time every day, Axi will appear and ask to exchange scallops with the player, and then the player will randomly get a mermaid furniture DIY manual or pearls.

After obtaining all 21 kinds of DIY manuals, they will inevitably be exchanged for pearls.

Dive and Collect

Pearls can be collected by diving, but it is much more difficult to obtain than (Ezo Scallops), and it takes a long time to get them. Therefore, it is recommended that island owners who do not have enough time to directly exchange scallops for pearls.

Can also be collected on uninhabited islands

Players also can get pearls on the uninhabited island, but since the probability of getting pearls on an uninhabited island is the same as on your own island, there is no need to go to an uninhabited island. And there will be no otters on uninhabited islands, so they are not suitable for collection.


Pearl identification methods and techniques

Judging by bubbles and fish shadows

Fish shadow: very small

Bubbles: rise straight up

The pearl’s fish shadow is extremely small, and the bubbles will not sway from side to side, but directly surface in a straight line. If you see bubbles like the one in the animation below, dive directly to collect them.

If you just want to collect pearls, just dive when you see the tiny fish shadows, and you can skip all other fish shadows.


How to use pearls

Pearls are necessary materials for the production of mermaid furniture, and 20 pieces are required to make a complete set.

Pearls cannot be donated

Pearls can be obtained by diving, but unlike other marine life, they cannot be donated to museums.

After the pearls are collected, they can be used directly as materials

Pearls can be used to brush money

If the ring money is not enough, you can sell the pearls for money. The price of pearls is 10,000 bells, and the remaining pearls after making the mermaid furniture can also be used for selling. But because it is a valuable material, it is not recommended to sell it until all DIY is completed.

Pearls can be used as decoration

Pearls can be placed in a suitable place as decorations, but because the props cannot (decoration is here), they can only be (placed here), so be careful not to be taken away by strangers when opening the island.

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