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​Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Bugs, Fish and Sea Creatures updated in March


With the advent of March, Animal Crossing has also been released for the first anniversary. The marine creatures and bugs on the island have also been taking turns for a year. This also means that players can pay attention to the creatures they missed last year, and this year may be able to make up come back.

Unlike in February, ACNH in March is full of the breath of spring. All kinds of insects, fish and marine life have arrived around the island. Grasp every creature that visits your island will help you complete the museum and animal encyclopedia. The whole book and you can unlock the Golden Fishing Rod and Golden Net DIY recipes.

All Animal Crossing Bugs in the Northern Hemisphere in March

Animal Crossing Bugs data

All Animal Crossing Fish in the Northern Hemisphere in March

Animal Crossing Fish data

All Animal Crossing Sea Creatures in the Northern Hemisphere in March

 Animal Crossing Sea Creatures data

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