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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Benefits of time travel function


Animal Crossing: New Horizons recently celebrated its first anniversary. So far, New Horizons has released many events, and players are also looking forward to the next update.

Currently, players are experiencing the 1.10 update, which includes some new and old season events. There are many functions in ACNH that make it more entertaining than before, and time travel is one of them. So for players, is time travel worth doing?

In New Horizons, players can get event-specific items by logging in at a specified time every day. Players must visit Nook Cranny or Able Sisters to obtain specific items. However, for some users, logging in every day may be troublesome. Therefore, they decided to change the date-time and region on Nintendo Switch.

This helps them log in and get that specific product the next day. In this way, players can get all the items they want in one day. They can even return by changing the date. In case no one can obtain the item, they can also use this technique to obtain it.

Interestingly, sometimes Nintendo locks a specified date so that all players can use it on the same day. Nintendo recently locked the last day of the Bunny Day event, so all players can end the game at the same time.

Unfortunately, because some players took this approach to new heights, Nintendo had to make some changes. They leaked a lot of upcoming content and surprises that the developers planned for users at the end of the event. Therefore, Nintendo decided to make some changes, and now players cannot log in to the future and almost every date after locking the ongoing event.

Therefore, if you want to collect all the items on the first day of the event, using time travel is a good choice for you. However, if you like to live a life full of surprises, then showing patience and not using time travel is the best option.

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