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Animal Crossing New Horizons' animal villagers turned into macarons?


Animal Crossing New Horizons fans used to make animal villagers into dioramas or 3D animated videos and show them all in reality. Now ACNH's cute animal villagers are made into cute macarons.

animal villagers cute macarons

New Horizons is the fifth installment in the Animal Crossing series. Sales of the series reached new levels. Fans of Animal Crossing New Horizons show their love for Animal Crossing New Horizons by challenging the cutest animal villager characters in the Animal Crossing New Horizons game into adorable macarons. A unique list of animal villagers that every player has in mind. Choose your favorite villager and express your favorite way.

Reddit user Juliathempdg recently posted three images showing their baked macarons. The two flavored macarons look like Tomnook's nephews Timmy, Tommy, and his assistant Isabel. Their characters in Animal Crossing are both gentle and helpful. Are you wondering how to get animal villagers Timmy, Tommy, or Animal Crossing Isabelle? The answer is, that they don't have to. They are there all the time when you upgrade your store or island.

In a photo shared by Juliathempdg, A duo of chocolate hazelnut macarons is bundled together as cherries are in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with a green vine-like icing conjoining macarons that resemble the twins from New Horizons' Nook's Cranny Timmy and Tommy. An even more intricately detailed Isabelle is effectively represented atop a fittingly yellow peach jam and vanilla Anglaise buttercream. In addition to the list of the most popular Animal Villagers, Juliathempdg also produced the Fruity Peaches in the Animal Crossing series.

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