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​Animal Crossing New Horizons: About the timer you need to understand


The timer in the Animal Crossing New Horizons is a timing tool. When you and your friends are doing activities or other things in the game, using the timer can help you know exactly when to start and when to end. So where can I get such a very useful tool? Let us find out together.

How to get the timer

Obtaining a timer is not very difficult, but it does take a lot of time. You can buy Timers from Timmy and Tommy at their Nook's Crany store, but you won't be able to sell them until they upgrade the store for the first time. Perhaps you can also buy the ACNH Items you need directly on this site, the items here are very complete. In order to expand the store, you need to do the following:

Nook's Cranny

Buy and sell items worth 200,000 bales (two transaction counts)

Wait 30 days after Nook's Crany was initially built

Any number of days before you reach the total of 200,000 bells will still count towards the waiting period, so don't rush to buy or sell items. After these two requirements are met, when Timmy and Tommy upgrade it, the store will be closed for one day. After that, they will reopen and you will be able to purchase a timer for 840 bells. The way to do this is as follows:

After entering the store, walk to the green cabinet and open it.

Scroll through the item selection until you find the timer.

Press the A button to select it.

When the system prompts you to confirm, please select "OK"! Voice options.

Once you hand Timmy and Tommy to your bell, the timer will appear in your list.

Nook's Cranny 1

How to start a timer in a multiplayer game

Now that you have a timer, using it is very simple. After playing a multiplayer game with your friends, you need to do the following:

Open your inventory.

Scroll to timer.

Press the A button to select it.

Select to start the timer.

Choose the length of time you want.

After this operation is completed, the timer will start and begin counting down. A fish and insect catch tracker is similar to the tracker that appears in official fishing and insect catching competitions. It will be displayed at the top of each player's screen, and when the timer runs out, each player's total catch will be Statistics, making it easy to see who is the winner.

How to stop the timer early

If for any reason you want to stop the timer prematurely, it can be done as easily as starting it. This is what you do:

Open your inventory.

Scroll to timer.

Press the A button to select it.

Choose Stop.

After completing this operation, the active timer will be closed immediately, and the player's fish and bug catches will also stop tracking. A large blue banner will also be displayed at the top of the screen to notify all players that the timer has been cancelled.