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​Animal Crossing: New Horizons 1.11.1 fixes the bug of version 1.11.0


To be more relevant to real life, Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduces the role of villagers. Echoing the real world, the villagers of Animal Crossing have the same personalities as people in the real world, each with their characteristics. Although New Horizons has a gathering of more than 300 villagers, only 10 villagers can perform on the island at a time. However, it will not include special characters that only appear in specific events or appear more often in specific seasons or events.

If there are few people on the island, fewer villagers make it bleaker for animals to cross the island. No one likes this type of environment, a moderately lively atmosphere is suitable for villagers to live in. On the other hand, if you can find too many villagers. there are 300 villagers at a time, the city will become very crowded, and too noisy will take away the fun of more important villagers. According to real-life habits, appropriate dialogue with other players will help island life. Will increase the happiness of island players.

Animal Crossing villagers can wander around the area. Generally speaking, if the villagers are not in your home, players can usually find them in the museum. With the version upgrade, some players began to complain about the disappearance of villagers after the April update. The villagers were designed by the rules of the game to appear in the museum, but they were nowhere to be found. There are also a small number of players who think this is a kind of level training. It is very anxious not to find villagers. As with any other Animal Crossing update, the player update resulted in the disappearance of villager access data.

According to the popular Animal Crossing YouTuber Crossing Channel, update 1.11.0 fixes the bug that plagued players. Nintendo has released update 1.11.1, which adds new content to your game. Sadly, the update also introduced some other glitches. These failures appear suddenly. Interestingly, Nintendo did not announce it in the patch notes for either of the two updates. According to Crossing Channel, Nintendo may have reduced the spawn rate of these villagers, so the bugs were fixed in time, and it is difficult for players to recognize them from the museum. Under the premise of mastering the rules of the game, players will choose Animal Crossing Bells at ACBellsBuy to get a happier lifestyle.