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​Animal Crossing: How to make objects from Snowboy Set


The northern hemisphere of Animal Crossing is now in winter. After entering the winter, in addition to many interesting holiday activities, frozen furniture is also a very popular activity. Players try to learn how to make frozen furniture for their island. A lot of snowflakes are needed to complete this task.

First of all, you should understand what frozen furniture has. It includes a series of frozen furniture such as frozen arches, frozen chairs, frozen tables, frozen beds, frozen counters, frozen counters, frozen sculptures, and so on. So how to create each snowman furniture?


Frozen Arch

The frozen arch is only a little lower than the normal height of the other arches. The arch can be placed indoors and outdoors. To make this, you will need to catch 10 small snowflakes with a net and use the large snowflakes from the recipe.

Frozen partition

The frozen partitions look more like the walls of an igloo, so they look less fancy. Due to the interesting design, players become very creative when placing items. To make it, you will need to find six ordinary snowflakes and blend them with a large number of snowflakes.

Frozen sculpture

The frozen sculpture is far away from the rest of the frozen sculpture, it happens to be a bear. It is very suitable for placement outside the island to create a unique display. The cost of the sculpture is quite low. You can only take four ordinary snowflakes and one large snowflake.

Frozen Pillar

To make the player's room look more like an ice palace, the creators of the game threw them into frozen pillars. The items are a bit strange, but when paired with the suit, they look great.

After these frames are finished, let's start making furniture in the room. In addition, ACBellsBuy provides players with sufficient Animal Crossing Items. If you don’t have time to collect snowflakes, you can go directly to our website to get them. We support online delivery around the clock.

Frozen chairs and Frozen tables

The frozen chair is an excellent alternative to the recliner and can be placed in the frozen themed living room. To make a frozen chair, you will need to capture three regular snowflakes to work with the big snowflake. A frozen table is an ideal place to fiddle with works of art. To make a table, you only need to find and capture eight snowflakes to add them to the huge snowflakes.

Frozen bed

The Frozen bed is larger than the average size bed. Sheets can also be easily customized into different patterns. To get this bed, you will need to gather ten normal snowflakes and use huge snowflakes.

Frozen counter

The juice in the container that came with the kit is still a mystery, but from the outside, they can be frozen into a solid. For those who wish to open a winter restaurant, this is a great external addition. To make a counter, you only need to put five ordinary snowflakes together with a large number of snowflakes.