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​Animal Crossing: How to get Iron Nugget quickly?


In Animal Crossing, Iron Nugget is a material we must collect when building a store, and we need 30 pieces at a time. Players who are playing this game know that You will encounter up to two big rocks on the island every day, so how can you quickly complete these 30 pieces of Iron Nugget?

There are other villagers on the uninhabited island besides yourself. Talk to these villagers and they will give you Iron Nugget, and several pieces at a time. This is a way to obtain Iron Nugget. But this is limited after all, so the remaining Iron Nugget needs to be stoned by ourselves.

If you want to obtain Iron Nugget, you can get it by hitting the stone with an ax. However, if you want to obtain Iron Nugget efficiently, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Iron Nugget

1. After we find the rocks on the island, we need to clean up the weeds nearby. If these weeds are not cleaned up, they will occupy their place when the Iron Nugget is knocked down.

2. When we knock on Iron Nugget, we must remember not to knock after eating. It is enough to knock on the stone in zero states. This is because we will break the stone easily after eating the stone. Naturally, Iron Nugget cannot be obtained. If you have eaten something before, cut down the tree first to consume it.

3. After we have cleaned the weeds near the stone, we need to dig 3 more holes behind the knocking position. Because knocking the stone will generate recoil, these holes will offset the recoil. In this way, we can hit the stone continuously, up to 9 times in a row, and get a total of 8-9 Iron Nugget.

If you still feel that collecting Iron Nugget is very slow with the above methods, then you can find a reliable game merchant to get it quickly. You only need to spend a very small amount of money at ACBellsBuy to quickly get Animal Crossing Items that appear in the forest. Including Iron Nugget.

Each player has a different time left for the game. If you are a busy player in life, I strongly recommend you to use this method. If you want to enjoy life on the island, then you can use the methods we provide in the game. Hitting the stone is a very practical method.