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Animal Crossing: How to drive away villagers


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is full of cute villagers who will live with you on your island. Dialogue with villagers every day can increase feelings, get gifts, and get DIY albums through villagers. However, the appearance of many animals is not satisfactory, and many cute animals are very popular. However, each person can only live on 10 small animals on the island, and three animals cannot be selected.

So how do you drive away islanders you don't like and attract those you like?

First, make sure that there are already 10 islanders on your island, and you have opened a campsite. Small animals will randomly go to the island to camp on the camping site one or two days a month, and Isabelle will broadcast to tell you that morning.

Then go to the campsite to check if it is the animal you want. If it is not, do not talk more than 2 times to leave. If it is a small animal you like, first press the number to save the game, and then talk to him. The conversation may involve chatting, playing games, and directly asking to move over.

Continue the conversation until a small animal appears in the conversation and wants to move over. After moving over, he will find that the island is full of residents, and then he will talk to a small animal on your island to let him move to take his place.

Pay attention at this time. If the animal in the camping site proposes the name of the small animal you like, you can immediately press the HOME button to close the game. Re-enter the game and the campground and talk to it again, and repeat until the dialogue appears to be moved over.

As long as the animal name that appears in the dialogue is the one you don't want him to move, repeat the above operation until the animal name proposed is the one you want to drive away.

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