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​Animal Crossing Happy House Paradise Operation Mode


After experiencing the upgraded version of Animal Crossing 2.0, Animal Crossing ushered in the first paid DLC-Happy House Paradise. In Happy Home Paradise, you will become a new exclusive home designer. This is not a simple task. Players need islanders to design holiday houses. Therefore, to better understand the dreams of each villager, players need to prepare a lot of information in advance.

Preliminary preparations for a happy home

The first step is the same. You need to talk to Orville of Dodo Airlines and then head to Lottie's resort. This is a step that all players must go through. After listening to Lottie's self-introduction and the role of the designer, the player looks for potential applicants. The last important step is to design a resort for the islanders, so players need to interview the islanders and collect their opinions. After integrating the information, the player can select the island and decorate it.

Build an islander's holiday home

After choosing a suitable location, you need to place the furniture in your home based on the wishes of the islanders. This step is very important. Because only the islanders are satisfied, the player as a designer can proceed with the next step more comfortably. This can save a lot of things later. Everyone has some necessary home furnishings and put them somewhere in the room.  In addition, you must build houses based on specific themes to meet the needs of the villagers.

Design resort facilities

In addition to houses, there are many facilities and public spaces, from schools to hospitals to restaurants, each with unique furniture and wallpapers. The last version of Animal Crossing 2.0 also brought a lot of wallpapers and furniture to choose from. Island designers can take full advantage of the new items that this update brings. In this way, the designer's player can fully control the placement of items and design freedom.

Use Poki to buy goods from Lottie's store

Poki is a special currency of Happy Homeland Paradise, which is used to purchase items in the resort. After you complete a job, Lottie will compensate you with this new currency. Sufficient bells can give designers more inspiration. To meet the needs of good islanders, designers will get more Poki currency. When you browse the lobby, there will be some small stalls selling rare items, unfortunately. these items can only be purchased through Poki.