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Animal Crossing Halloween is coming soon, are you ready?


The Halloween-themed Animal Crossing is also coming soon. The island is full of Halloween atmosphere. Players can dress up their island through activities and items, full of Halloween flavor.

Besides, players can also enjoy dressing up and handing out candies on their islands. Candies can be purchased from Beaver's hands, only once a day. The ACNH Items for Halloween is what players are working hard to acquire. Of course, if you have enough ACNH Bells, you can also buy them directly in the store.

The newly added character Pumpkin King can be purchased in the store. You can also plant pumpkins on the island and use pumpkins for DIY creation, such as pumpkin furniture. The addition of the King of Halloween will allow players and islanders to enjoy a night full of special atmosphere. The Pumpkin King may stop you from asking for candy.

After Halloween, the winter update may not arrive until late November. Hurry up and call your friends to go to the island together!

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