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​Animal crossing follows the market fever and develops squid game


A TV series about the squid game has aroused heated discussion on the Internet. Users have developed a lot of funny videos based on the plot of the movie. Now the content creators of Animal Crossing also follow the trend and hold their own squid game. The content of the event is to let players compete with each other in mini-games.

YouTube streaming invites players to participate in a series of animal crossing mini-games on their island. To be more suitable for gamers, the animal crossing game changed the original intention of the original movie. Players can choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells from the ACBellsBuy website to better participate in the game. Animal crossing players do not need to fight in the game at the expense of life. The lovely thing is that the Animal Crossing game also prepares generous bells for the winners as rewards.

Streamer and YouTuber Nikachu created their own competitive animal crossing squid game. In the first step, they will require certain members to participate in the game on the island. This game setting also echoes the plot of the TV drama. At the same time, the inspiration for this game is all inspired by the TV series Squid Game. The first step is the traffic light message. The second is the flower picking game. Players who have cleared all levels of the game are the ultimate winners.

The lack of gameplay was one of the biggest criticisms of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. But as content creators show in their videos. The tools of the game can be used for the fun created by players with the help of some imagination and inspiration. Child players can also participate in the game with their parents. Participating players can choose Buy Bells Animal Crossing for a smoother victory.

Fans of the game hope that November's new Animal Crossing content will help add more gameplay and more ways to enjoy the game. This update will welcome coffee-loving NPC Brewster and his Roost Cafe to New Horizons for the first time, but it may also add more game elements, items, and design tools to help creative players continue to create a new, exciting way to experience ACNH.