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​Animal Crossing: Catch Scarab Beetles Guide


The daily activities in Animal Crossing are very simple, especially fishing, catching insects, picking up branches and other materials. For casual players, fishing is a very interesting thing, followed by catching insects, because they can not only entertain, but also earn animal crossing bells. Many players like this bell very much.

However, are there any difficult tasks in this daily activity? Of course, especially catching bugs. Because some bugs are hard to find, they are always caught off guard occasionally. This is also the more challenging part of Animal Crossing.

Scarab Beetles 1

Today I will mention scarab beetles. Scarab beetles are the rarest kind of bug in Animal Crossing, so many players are not sure when it appears mysteriously and what kind of environment they like to live in. Therefore, it is very difficult for players to catch scarab beetles.

Scarab beetles generally appear between July and August in the northern hemisphere, while the corresponding southern hemisphere is between January and February. Scarab beetles are mostly nocturnal insects, so they will appear late at night, between 11pm and 8am.

Scarab Beetles 2

Players will usually find scarab beetles on the trunk. If you rush towards it or get too close to it, it will fly away, allowing you to repeat the whole process. Therefore, catching it can be a bit tricky, please handle the error slowly and carefully.

Scarab beetles are relatively rare, so players will get relatively more bells when they catch it, 10,000 bells. If you want to sell at a higher price, then wait for Flick to arrive. We can sell to Flick for 15000 Bells, which is very impressive.

The opportunity for players to catch scarab beetles is very rare, so it is not advisable to count on scarab beetles to earn more bells. If you need a lot of Bells, I recommend you come to ACBellsBuy to buy cheap ACNH Bells with fast delivery, 24/7 online chat.