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Animal Crossing: ​About the scariest items


Halloween is approaching, and there are many creepy animal crossing objects and costumes for the celebration. With the arrival of October and the countdown to Halloween begins. Animal Crossing: More Halloween-themed items have appeared in New Horizons, which means players can truly prepare for the upcoming holiday.

Players with ghost wands can quickly switch between costumes. The ghost wand is especially useful on nights like Halloween. Players who want a more enjoyable Halloween. players can also visit the ACBellsBuy website. The happiness of the player always accompanies the choice. Players can also choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells to use the ghost wand correctly. Players who participate in trick-or-treating activities in the event may have other needs, such as wanting to launch a large number of holiday costumes. That would be cool.

The image of Jack in Halloween has become even weirder because of its mystery. Daring players will prefer this image. Players can get a copy of his costume by gifting Jack candy. Dressing up as Jack adds another sense of horror to the occasion and adds a sense of mystery to the night.

To successfully make a ghost carriage requires 30 orange varieties. Like other items in the Spooky series, the ghost carriage can be customized by using pumpkins of other colors. Players can choose the yellow or white carriage color by choosing Buy ACNH Bells. In addition to the Halloween season, the fairy-tale nature of the carriage can also make the ghost carriage more dreamy.

The mummy costume has a full-body bandage suit and a mummy mask. There was also a mummy with only his headgear showing one eye. In addition to providing players with a frightening appearance, this costume also gives the character a chance to look like Lucky, one of the laziest villagers in the game. In addition, you can also use the body painting skin tone option to enhance the effect of the mummy costume.