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​Animal Crossing: A guide for house location replacement


Many players did not think of the location of the house when they first entered the game. It may be a randomly chosen location, but when we play for a long time, we will find that the originally selected location may not be suitable, especially as new neighbors are coming. As we increase, the area gets smaller and smaller, and we will always need to change the location of the house.

Animals crossing the house

Fortunately, the location of the house can be changed, but it requires players to spend 30,000 bells and one day. So what preparations should be made to change the location of the house?

First, you have to invite three new animals to come to your island. The way to invite new animals is to use mileage coupons to fly to random uninhabited islands, where you will encounter random animals, and you can invite them after many conversations.

When the three animals have arrived, all tents or huts have been set up to confirm that they have all moved into the island. Then, go to talk to Rick at this time and ask him what he should do next, and Rick will tell you to figure it out. One day later, Rick will announce that the residential office will be renovated and will be closed for one day, and on another day it will become a city hall.

Animals crossing the landscape

After becoming a city hall, I went to talk to Rick and asked him to discuss his own house, and then he chose to choose a new place. This service would cost 30,000 Bells and move in 24 hours.

During the move, the original hut can still be entered and visited, and everything in the house is in the same place after moving. The above is a guide on the location of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you have not saved enough moving expenses during this period, please come to our ACBellsBuy site for help, we will provide you with Animal Crossing Bells as quickly as possible, and support online delivery around the clock.