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​Animal Crossing: A classic reproduction of Hercules' Zero to Hero


ACNH players cleverly combined character customization and post-shot editing functions on Reddit to create a brilliant reproduction of Hercules' most famous music number Zero to Hero with frame-by-frame accuracy.

With the expansion of the game's custom library, innovative players have begun a trend of recreating famous pop culture scenes and scenes on the island and displaying their works on major social platforms. This kind of cross-border game has become a very popular pastime, pushing players to make bigger and more refined works.

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Since Hercules is about to celebrate its 24th birthday, the entertainment activities immediately won nostalgia points. Redditor Melhunnibee fully demonstrated New Horizon after two months of hard work using custom backgrounds, green screens and a lot of post-production work. ns' entertainment on Hercules' iconic music piece Zero to Hero.

But the real brilliance lies in Melhunnibee's intricate production background, which looks like it was deleted directly from the original movie. Arrangement and role customization cannot be ignored either. It further proves that New Horizons can indeed shine in terms of fully choreographed music numbers.

ACNH provides players with a lot of room for creativity. It gives players and potential content creators time to build ultra-detailed customized entertainment activities that bring comfort and entertainment to the audience, regardless of whether the entertainment is An explosion of pop culture phenomena from the past or the current.

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