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​Amiibo card expected to be launched in Animal Crossing


Before the new version is updated, Nintendo will announce the live broadcast in advance. The news of the hot Brewster and Habitat Cafe discussed some time ago is already well known. Now Nintendo has released another announcement, and a brand new series of Amiibo cards will also be released soon.

There are currently four series of animal crossings called Amiibo cards, each with 100 cards, and the two smaller ones include 50 RV cards and six Sanrio cards. Players with collecting habits will directly choose Buy ACNH Bells from ACBellsBuy to make preparations in advance. The recently announced Sanrio card was confirmed as Series 5. The update may include 100 cards.

The new Amiibo card is released. Which villagers are the players most concerned about in series 5? There are 100 Amiibo cards in total. In the franchise, these people have obtained their animal crossing cards and are living in new horizons. Excluding the 30 cards that have been given, there are still 70 spaces to be filled.

According to the latest rumor analysis, there are currently more than 80 villages, including more than 10 special characters. Some characters did not have Amiibo in past games. Fortunately, players can choose ACBellsBuy to experience the new fun brought by special characters. But once the old character returns to the new horizon, it is likely to return to the new horizon as part of the Sanrio card.

The scale of the next update will be huge. Because the new cafe and the new Amiibo card are just in time for the holidays. Nintendo will spend their thoughts on the promotion of the new version. In any case, there are more than 500 characters in Animal Crossing, including special characters and nearly 100 characters without Amiibo. The specific Amiibo card role still needs to wait for the official release of Nintendo.